What is a homestead without homesteaders?

My name is Lee. I’m the wifey with the squinty smile. I’m a Christian, a homemaker, a stay at home mom, and I have a lot of interests and opinions that I enjoy sharing. My interests and talents include things like cooking, sewing, medieval reenactment, fitness, reading, and Christian apologetics.

My husband, Steven, is a locomotive engineer. He does medieval reenactment as well, and makes his own armor for it. He enjoys gaming with his friends.

We got married young — 19 and 21 — and kind of wandered from apartment to apartment along a 50 mile stretch of freeway until Homestead Hubby landed his railroad job and we bought the house.

 We waited a few years after marriage to start a family, and we were graced with our little man, Riley, in 2014. He’s adorable, smart, and always on the go. He’s a happy kid, which is a blessing because he’s also high energy and has been ahead of the curve with his mobility.

Our second little man is expected in early May (or perhaps late April) of 2016.

The dog’s name is Ranger, but due to some life circumstances he found a new home and we’re holding off on trying the dog thing again for a while. We  have two cats, Sharkbait and Tamale, who have been around since shortly after we married, and a ball python, Sammy, who I got in fifth grade.

The homestead is a 1.5 story home on .21 acres. It was a foreclosure, and a little abused by the renters who were living in it before it was put up for sale.

The house is in the Pacific Northwest, in a town along the I-5 corridor. It’s the town I graduated high school in, and where my parents still live, and isn’t far from the parts of his family that Steven is closest to. There’s a good school district.

It’s a somewhat unique town, in that it’s a large town but still has a somewhat country small-town feel which makes for a beautiful compromise. There’s a lot of farmland and homes on acreage outside of the main part of town. I’m hoping to claim some of that acreage for ourselves in another 5-10 years, but we’ve got a house to make a homestead in the meantime.