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I hit a bit of a mother lode this week — pun intended. My mom has been going through her stored and unused things in preparation for moving in the not-too-distant future. Things she hasn’t seen or used in years have been surfacing, as well as the things that belong to my brother and I that she’s stored away for years.

image1In addition to a number of pictures, school work, and my favorite childhood blanket, she sent me home with a number of items the other day which she simply doesn’t use or doesn’t need anymore and offered to me.

image3As far as self-sufficiency and gardening goes, these four items were total scores.

She had a cast iron dutch oven. It looks like it needs a good cleaning, but it’s completely serviceable. We camp at least a handful of times a year, and I imagine its good for more than just cooking deserts over campfire coals. I’ll have to learn more about using it.

She bought a water bath canner last year, but already had another and used the old one when she canned this year. They’re the exact same size, so she decided to give me the new one.

image2There’s an old dehydrator. When I say old, I mean it’s probably about as old as I am. However, her best friend who got the same model at the same time is still using hers, and has actually been using hers, and it still works. Mom’s has been in a box in a controlled environment (indoors, no freezing or extreme heat), so hopefully with a good cleaning it will still be in working order.

image4And finally, she had a stack of gardening books which she hasn’t had use for because she hasn’t had a vegetable garden in fifteen years and hasn’t done much landscaping in ten. I’m currently reading through the one pictured. It has tons of useful information specifically geared to raised bed gardening like I intend to start next spring.

She also gave me some craft supplies that she’s been too busy to use for years, so I’m excited to see how many of those are still good and put them to use in making my house a home.