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I read a nifty little ebook today on living a realistic minimilist lifestyle today. Most of what I liked about it is that it is realistic, and it’s something I could start now

Living as a minimilist means different things to everyone who claims that lifestyle. Sometimes it looks like a tiny house or a commune or only owning a maximum number of possessions. I’m not up for any of that, unless “commune” means having acreage adjacent to my husband’s brothers and dad. 

No, this minimum is far more doable for the average person. It simply means not keeping anything that isn’t used, loved, or needed.

One of the most profound points to me was when he talked about how most people have only a handful of clothes they truly love and wear regularly, but they have far more clothes than those. If someone spent $20 each on ten shirts they absolutely adored and could wear all the time, they’d spend no more than if they had spent $10 each on twenty shirts but rarely wear half of them. It’s a matter of quality over quantity. I liked the idea of having only exactly as much as I need but having it all be high quality. 

I think I want to start purging a bit. Our wardrobes could use an overhaul. I have a box in the garage that I only touched one or two items in over the last three years, and another containing knick-knacks that I’ve only kept because they were given to me but which I have little love for anymore. Heck, I even know people who might like them. 

Now, this isn’t getting rid of things that you know will be useful just because they’re not useful right now. We kept Riley’s baby clothes because we know we want at least one more kid and there’s a 50% chance of it being a boy. The clothes would all be reused, which means we, family, and friends wouldn’t have to purchase a whole new wardrobe for another boy. Of course, when we know we’re done having kids we’ll donate them or give them to an expecting friend. They’ll be gone as soon as they no longer have a good purpose. 

I’ll try to share some of my organizing and minimalizing adventures as I do them.