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After reading that eBook on minimizing the other night, I got started with clothes last night. I ended up removing at least twenty or so items from my wardrobe and about ten from my husband’s.

 I started with my shirts in the dresser. These tend to be my everyday clothes most of the year. The pile on the right is going, the middle is getting set aside and anything I don’t miss will eventually go, and the pile on the right is staying. The shirts in the wash are also staying because, obviously, I wear them. 

Most of the rest of the clothes in the dresser stayed. They’re my underthings, socks, layering tank tops, pajamas/sweats, leggings, shorts, short skirts, swimsuits, and workout clothes.  Most things in there haven’t accumulated the way my shirts have. 
  Then I moved on to my closet with my dresses, skirts, pants, Long sleeve shirts, and summer tank tops and dressy shirts. Much of these are only worn for certain occasions or weather, so I had to evaluate how much I wore them based on those criteria. For instance, on occasions when I wear dresses, which dresses do I not even consider wearing? Which am I most likely to wear?


 I definitely freed up some hangars, too!

I’ll try to sell most of what I determined to get rid of on buy/sell/swap groups on Facebook. Whatever doesn’t sell will be donated. 

  From there I tackled my hubby’s, but he wears clothes out fast enough and has replaced many of his worn out ones recently enough that there was only maybe ten items. The ones that don’t have holes will be donated. 

I haven’t decided what to tackle next. We’ll see!