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My son with my shopping bags

My son with my shopping bags

I have a nice little collection of reusable shopping bags. They really seem to be an environmental win, after all; no choice between cutting down trees for paper bags or putting more plastic out into our environment. They’re sturdy, multi-tasking, fold-able, washable wonders. If that wasn’t enough, sometimes my son finds them and puts multiple bags on at once and wanders around looking ridiculously adorable.

Despite all of this, these bags are a battle to use because…I forget.

See, I have this hope to embrace the slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” reasonably well. For instance, making cloth bowl covers to reduce cling-wrap use is on my to-do. I have a recycling bin in my kitchen right next to the garbage can, labelled and with a list of what can be recycled. I think I’m going to be doing cloth diapers when we have another baby (my son is getting near potty training and will probably have started by the time we have a number two, so I don’t think I’m going to worry about switching to cloth with him).

But trying to reduce and reuse goes horribly when you don’t remember to do it!

And unless I want to buy new bags every time I’m at the grocery store, forgetting the bags means reusable bags don’t get used.

I have this plan to eventually get a good set-up that will let me store the bags next to either the front door or my shopping list, hopefully making it much easier to remember them than they are in their current location (stashed in the pantry). But I’m not there yet. Maybe I should just keep them in the car in the meantime.

Do you like reusable shopping bags? How do you remember to take them with you?