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Yesterday I talked about how possible urban homesteading is, sans acreage. However, many suggestions applied to people who have a yard, which means that anyone who has little or no yard might think, That’s great and all, but what about me?

You may be more limited, but I promise there’s still options.

Window and patio/balcony gardens are beautiful things. There’s many options to make that happen if you get creative, such as dwarf trees (getting the right root-stock can ensure a fruit tree that grows only a little taller than a man), hanging baskets, and window planters.

Try purging your indoor space and organizing it to allow for food storage and efficiently using the space. I had an apartment that lacked a pantry but had space for shelves in the kitchen, so up shelves went so I could keep canned goods.

Get into DIY and frugal options. Make candles, make cleaners, whip up your own healthy and beauty products.

If you have to use a laundromat or quarters-operated dryer and have space for a clothesline, opt to line dry. It will save you money if nothing else.

Support local farmers and homesteaders by buying local ethically grown or raised produce, eggs, meat, etc.

Learn to preserve food and cook from scratch. I promise, you have room for canning in your kitchen, and you won’t regret learning to cook that food you bought from the farmer outside of town.

No, you’re not going to be able to make a 200 square foot garden or keep some chickens. However, I hope you can get inspired to do what you can in the space you have.