I’m not a big “New Year’s Resolution” sort of person, but I do like making and achieving goals. The start of a year isn’t a bad time to make them, either, and the start of 2016 is only a handful of weeks away now.

However, I really don’t like making goals that I start in on strong and fail at within weeks, so I like trying to keep goals realistic. Sometimes keeping goals realistic is knowing that its possible that some goals won’t be achieved. Steven–the Train Hubby–and I have Life that can get in the way of goals, and it’s important to put First Things First. Such as, you know, the new baby that will be coming along in 2016.

The Big Goals

Some things I’m hoping to have happen are bigger than others, and these are the big ones. Of course, that also means these are probably more expensive and therefore some may fall to the wayside if the railroad furloughs Train Hubby again in 2016. Because debt sucks and we have bills, you know?


  • Paint
  • Re-carpet the upstairs
  • Remodel the kids’ bathroom
  • Install wood stove


  • Put in the garden beds and a small fence to keep small children and the dog out
  • Landscape the front yard (I have some ideas…)
  • Plant a couple of fruit trees (probably dwarf apple trees)
  • Make a compost pile
  • Make a wood pile

The Small(er) Goals

These are less expensive goals (well, sort of…the pressure canner I want won’t come cheap, and neither will good shelving), but in many ways these are just as important to me as the “big” goals.

  • Learn to pressure can, especially if the garden has excess produce
  • Waterbath can fruits/jams this summer
  • Learn to crochet
  • Get the house more organized (shelving, baskets, etc)
  • Learn to make a handful of DIY products (ex: lip balm, candles)
  • Put together my pantry closet (currently has no shelves and a broken door)

*If I remember* I would love to come back to this list at the end of the year and see how many I checked off. Of course, what you don’t see here is the goals that are more personal — financial goals, spiritual goals, parenting goals. I hope to check some good ones off of those lists too, and some of those might just be more important than a big vegetable garden, a compost pile, or learning to crochet. I’m okay with that. But that won’t keep me from hoping and trying!