For the first time in far longer than I care to remember, there’s sunshine outside and it’s supposed to stick around for a few days.

The Seattle area has had its wettest winter on record as of about a week ago. Now, we get quite a bit of rain around here in terms of number of rainy days. Misting and drizzling is a frequent occurrence around here, and other than needing to pop some vitamin D to ward of seasonal depression, we tend to accept the wet in exchange for the vibrant green everywhere. This year has gone above and beyond, though. We don’t just have drizzles, we have constant rain. It’s depressing and makes working outside very miserable.

My weather app says that the rain is supposed to come back on Saturday and continue for days again, but I’m trying to pretend I didn’t see that and just enjoy some sunshine coming through my windows for now.

Heat-loving squash and peppers

I celebrated by getting my heat-loving seeds started indoors this morning. I’m a little nervous about these. Squash usually does okay from what I’ve seen around here, and I plan on up-potting them before transplanting so they go out later in the spring. They do need some babying around here, and I tried to pick some varieties that I think are more likely to produce.

The peppers are what I’m really nervous about it. I intend to keep them in containers instead of planting them out so that they can go in my little greenhouse whenever the weather isn’t conducive to their growth. I’m only attempting one jalepeno plant and four bell pepper plants. I chose a bell pepper called King of the North; as the name indicates, it’s a shorter-seasons variety that is supposed to actually do okay in a cooler climate if babied sufficiently. I look forward to having a bigger greenhouse so I can grow more bells. They’re so diverse in cooking uses.

I also had to replant my lettuce because my husband was in charge of it for the first couple of weeks, and I didn’t tell him that the plastic cover needed to come off the moment anything came up, so they suffocated. My bad. Oh well. I guess when you have a packet of 500 seeds, losing a few isn’t that big of a deal. Just a little disappointing.

What else do I plan on doing with these sunny days? Well, I may try digging a few of my beds that have been needing it, but I know I’m not going to get very far because of the state my lower back and hips are in with this pregnancy. My husband has promised to do it, but his work and the weather haven’t been cooperating. I’m also going to tidy up the yard, walkway, and driveway a bit and try to find more rocks to line the front beds with until I can justify spending some money on something better. For now I just need to know where I should keep the grass from creeping in.

Sunshine is motivating for more than outdoor chores; I also have things to get done inside in preparation for the first party we’ve hosted in our home on Saturday. My little man is turning two soon. I’ve got a baby making his debut in as little as two months, and definitely less than three, and feeling a little bit like nesting. I’ve definitely got stuff to do while the sunshine makes me feel up to doing it.

And on that note, I think I’m going to head outside for a bit.