Spring is around the corner. Technically it starts in just under four weeks, but in northwest Washington spring mostly just means that it isn’t as cold during the frequent drizzles, and an occasional warm sunny day taunts us.

Nonetheless, the days are getting longer. That’s serious here; in December the sun doesn’t rise until almost 8am and sets around 4:20pm. That less than 8 1/2 hours of daylight. Of course in the summer we have the opposite, where the sun disappears around 10pm and reappears at some ungodly early hour that I don’t want to acknowledge the existence of. Let me tell you, as us Washingtonians make that transition from winter solstice to vernal equinox, we can feel spring coming even through the rain and 50 degree weather.

And with that change I’ve got a fever. 

A fever for growing things.

First off, my seed starts.

 My celery (left) started coming up. My broccoli (second from left) is doing great. I planted my squash and peppers less than a week ago and saw a pumpkin sprout (right middle) today.

 My lettuce and spinach had to be replanted because I forgot to give my husband a crucial instruction when he was in charge of them for a few days. Not his fault. This second round is very happy though. In less than a week most have made an appearance.

 I have multiple strawberry plants going and will need to thin them in a few more weeks. I finally figured out bottom-watering for most of the planters and that has helped everything grow better.

 I mixed up the lavender and echinacea and thought I had some lavender going, but I think one lonely start is only just now starting to come through the soil. Most of the echinacea and all of the rosemary has made an appearance though.

 This is my current seed starting set up. The plants have been appreciating the UVs from the lights. You can see that I’ve arranged everything to get at least some light from the lamps. Between that and bottom watering I’m feeling pretty good about the starts.

Outside has gotten some attention too.

 Costco had bags of plant bulbs when I went grocery shopping the other day. At less than $1 a bulb I couldn’t pass up the lilies. There were a handful of lilies in the front porch planter when we moved in, so I decided to fill in the bed with more. There’s also a columbine already in the planter, so I want to fill in any holes with columbine when I see how the lilies come up in a while.

I also had an empty spot along the walkway on the side of the house, and it turned out to have enough space for three rose bushes. I’ve always loved roses. I can’t wait to see these in a few months. Right now they’re just short thorny sticks.

There will be much more to come as spring and summer progress, and I can’t wait to share it all. There will even be a brand new baby sneaking into pictures during the summer!

What have you been starting on with spring around the corner?