As you can see from my last post being dated three months ago, I’ve been quite silent on the homesteading front. Why, you ask?

Well, I got this fun little pregnancy complication called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (or Disorder). Basically all the hormones that make ligaments relax in preparation for birth worked too well, so some pelvic ligaments got injured, and there were days I could barely walk. My husband seriously joked about getting one of those chairs that carry elderly and infirm people upstairs because of how bad it was. The poor doctor that diagnosed me at the walk-in witnessed a total bawling meltdown when she told me all that can be done is manage it because anything else would be dangerous to the baby.

Needless to say, gardening and many other household activities were out of the question for those two months of pregnancy.

Then I had the baby. The birth went fairly smoothly, if particularly intense in the last hour. (Yes, it was a little crazy even according to the midwife, it wasn’t just because the last bit is intense by default.) I had him at my midwife’s home birth center, naturally and drug free. He’s perfect and healthy and we’re breastfeeding beautifully like his brother did. Hopefully I’ll get to go two full years this time too.

Healing from even as good of a birth as that one takes time, and recovery didn’t go quite as smoothly as I would have liked. But we’re at five weeks postpartum and things are doing pretty well now, with only a few limitations now. And therefore, I am back at homesteading and blogging. Let me tell you what’s been going on at my little urban homestead.

I got two dwarf apple trees. Unfortunately I don’t think one survived transportation and planting, but Raintree has promised to either refund me or replace it next season. I plan on having them replace it. The other tree seems to be thriving.

The trees are honey crisp and greensleeves. The greensleeves is the thriving one. These are cross-pollinators. As dwarfs, their maximum height is about a third of a full size tree, but they still produce well starting around year three. Apples should be removed the first two seasons so energy goes towards growing rather than producing.

I spent a couple of sunny days this week weeding and improving flower beds out front, as well as adding some strawberries to the blueberry beds. I like my berries. I still haven’t more to do out front, but I’m very happy with my progress.

I also need to get into my garden. It was severely neglected over the last few months, and a few spinach and some struggling squash in overgrown beds are all I have to show for my efforts of a few months ago. It’s not too late to get some more veggies started though, so I’ll be out there making that happen as soon as the sun comes back. Goodness knows the toddler likes “helping.”

I also did a little project this week to improve some of my home’s function and organization. I thrive more when my home isn’t working against me. This little table is in the corner of my dining room. My sewing machine will also be going on it. I sew at the dining table so it will be easily accessible. My son’s crayons, coloring books, and play-doh are on the bottom shelf. I’ll probably put a basket with my teas and honey on the top shelf.

Enjoy some more pictures of the beautiful things growing in my front yard. I’ll be back soon!

Oh, and let’s finish off with a little spam of my cute little boys.