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I decided to start cloth diapering when the new baby was on the way, and began it with R starting about a month before E was born. I have mostly pocket diapers, with a few all-in-ones and another kind I was gifted where there’s a snap-in tri-fold.

So how has it been going? How do I like it?

The cheap Alva and off-brand pockets are actually my favorite because they’re cute and the inserts are pretty customizable. These are the largest portion on my stash. I usually stick an insert in the pocket, possibly an extra outside the pocket, and sometimes add a liner (either cheap fleece or a flushable biodegradable one) if poop is likely and I don’t feel like possibly rinsing.

Cloth diapering a newborn isn’t as convenient as a toddler, except for breastmilk poop being water soluble and therefore not requiring rinsing or liners. I’m looking forward to E growing into the one-size diapers over the next month. The newborn size ones just don’t hold as much and I would not want to even try to use them at night. I’ve heard that flats and covers are better with newborns but I didn’t want to use that kind so I chose to just not use cloth much at first. E is only cloth diapered occasionally, whereas R is rarely in disposables now.

The laundry is doable. Anyone who does the laundry for a family of four knows there’s a lot to do anyways. What’s two or three more loads a week? It doesn’t take much more effort than a regular load of laundry. I’m a stay at home mom anyway.

As far as cost, we’ve definitely bought less for R over the last few months  and I expect to really see it paying off once E is in them full time. The extra laundry costs in detergent and water doesn’t equal what’s saved on diapers.

Best of all, the diapers are super cute. Fluff butt is adorable, and for R, who has been proportionally long and skinny since birth, it actually makes a lot of his pants fit better.

Unfortunately my husband’s experience with cloth involved an epically gross toddler poop, which he then didn’t use the sprayer for, so it was an epically gross rinsing job, and it basically ruined cloth diapering for him. I can generally expect a disposable to be put on if my husband changes a diaper now. I do most of the diapering, so that’s not a big deal to me.

So, how about you? Do you use cloth? Are you considering trying it out?