I had a lot of aspirations for my garden. I ordered from seed catalogs for my first time. I started seeds inside. I took them outside in their little greenhouse with the front open to harden off. I direct sowed the root veggies. I wanted to do everything perfectly.
But the little greenhouse was too humid at one point and some of the biodegradable pots started getting mold that killed the starts (probably not helped by using potting soil instead of sterile seed starting mix). The roots weren’t strong so the plants didn’t transplant well. I didn’t stay on top of watering when the seeds went outside and there were a few hot days so they fried.

Much of the neglect had to do with my pregnancy. Any pregnant woman can tell you that pregnancy is physically difficult, especially at the end. When you add a ligament injury to it, weeding the garden is not exactly on the to-do list. 

And so my garden reached this sad state. Much of what survived bolted with the hot weather and lack of watering. The slugs mowed down much of the rest. I was left with a handful of carrots and two squash plants, one of which may or may not survive thanks to the slugs. I’ve since purchased Sluggo, an organic slug and snail bait that is safe around people and pets.

So with giving birth a few weeks behind me and my children blessedly sleeping at the same time in the afternoon, I started to resurrect my garden during a few hot May days.

First one bed came to life. I hauled some wood from the shed to line the beds to keep the grass at bay. I hope to do raised beds for next year, but this will do for now. I weeded everything. You can see the two lonely squash at the end.

And finally both beds were ready. I replanted, and I’m trying an experiment with sun flowers to give the salad greens some shade in hopes of preventing them from bolting so quickly. In addition to the sunflowers and greens, there’s broccoli, carrots, jalapeño and bell peppers, and three kinds of squash.

Today R and I went outside while E snoozed in his swing. We pulled out a few stray clovers, and looked at the squash and sunflower seeds already coming up. We looked at how well one of the squash from the first planting is thriving.  I can’t wait to harvest the vegetables with him. I just hope he doesn’t try to harvest unripe veggies like he does with the berries in the front yard!