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I’m not terribly vigilant when it comes to skin-care and using products, even the ones I like. I used to keep lotion on hand in case my skin got annoyingly dry, which usually happens at night during the winter, but it would take me forever to finish it. Now I just keep coconut oil on hand instead, and have lotion that’s been sitting in the drawer so long I probably need to throw it out.

But I have this weird thing that happens to the skin on my calves, also usually during the winter or when the weather keeps changing every few days, that leaves me with scars. For the life of me I can’t remember what the dermatologist called the condition, but of course the “solution” was a prescription tube of medicated lotion. I thankfully don’t have it anymore because I’d probably cringe to realize what I was putting on my skin over and over again through the winter.

Now don’t get me wrong, prescriptions certainly have their place and modern medicine is important to health in many ways. However, the skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs what is on it into the body, which means that putting something with possible bad side effects on it is something that should be more of a last resort rather than a standard of care. I already knew that regular lotion use helped, although not as drastically as I would like. Then this winter I used a brown sugar scrub my mom passed on to me, which someone had gifted to her but which she knew she’d never use. I come by my lack of product use honestly.

This brown sugar scrub was made with coconut oil and enriched with vitamin E. It felt good on the skin, was exfoliating and moisturizing, the extra oil was rinsed or washed off in the shower, and the vitamin E was quite nice on scarred and damaged skin. When the condition started, I began using this scrub at least once a week (it doesn’t need to be used daily), and almost immediately I started to see improvement. In fact, I don’t think I came through this winter with any new scars.

I just had to make my own now, but had never made a skin care product like that. How in the world do you make your own sugar scrub? It took a little searching and the tweaking of a recipe that was very close to what I wanted, and I succeeded in making a scrub very similar to the miracle scrub I enjoyed this past winter.

f6666bec-1bf1-4345-ac61-1cd26850435fTo Make Your Own

You will need:

Make sure the coconut oil is soft or melted so it mixes well. Measure all of the ingredients into a small mixing bowl and combine well. Put in a lidded container such as a mason jar. Use about a tablespoon once a week in the shower. Make sure to rinse yourself and the shower floor with hot water afterwards, as the oil can be slippery.

The vanilla and cinnamon smell is heavenly, the sugar exfoliates (and I personally love the smell of brown sugar), the coconut oil nourishes the skin, and the vitamin E oil is healing. I’ve been putting it on my post-baby stretch marks too; stretch marks don’t go away without surgery, but their appearance can be minimized with weight loss and healthy skin, so I figure the coconut oil and vitamin E aren’t going to be anything but beneficial!