You’ve got a stash, Lee? A stash of what?

Natural care ingredients, my friend.

But why does it have to be hidden?

Have you ever seen or heard stories of how industrious and determined a misbehaving two-year-old can be? Yeah? Well, I’ve got one of those, and about the time he’ll be old enough to really know better son #2 will be hitting the same stage.

Much of the reason to get these products away from curious toddler fingers is simply avoiding mess and destruction. I can just picture the coconut oil being smeared everywhere or an empty lip balm tube being stuffed full of strawberries. Considering that I literally just found that my husband’s Chapstick was used to draw on our bedroom window while R was in here while my husband was in the bathroom, these are very real possibilities.

Another concern is the safety of my children. Drinking a huge glug of castor oil could make him horribly sick. A broken glass bottle could lead to an emergency room trip. And essential oils have to be handled and used correctly to be safe; drinking a bottle or getting a lot smeared on his skin could lead to serious consequences.

And so, hidden high up in a shelf that I have to stand on a stool to reach, and which a small child could likely not reach even if he were to climb onto the counter, I have a shelf full of some absolutely wonderful products. It being out of the way isn’t a big deal for me. Much of the products I’m making only need to be made every few months, after all. I’m not going to have to be on tiptoes on the stool getting things down every day or every week.

If you want to create your own stash, here’s what I’ve started with:

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There are certainly more products that could be added to this list–more carrier oils, for example. However, this is enough to get started on making your first products, including lip balm, deoderant, and salves.

Enjoy your stash!